Listing Consultations

  Our listing appointments are simple and straight to the point; we are however happy to take as long as needed to answer all of your questions. We want to be sure everyone's expectations are on the same page. At our consultation we will go over how we sell homes quickly.  We will go over comparative homes (Comps) with you to see where the price is coming in at and why. We can discuss various options from there.

We expect tough questions like:

  • "Who is the likely buyer for my home, and where will they come from?"

  • "How will you market my property, and where will it appear?"

  • "How much are closing costs? How much is this going to cost me?"

  • "What is the right price to list my home?"

  • What types of technology will you use with us? do you do "Virtual"

We will come prepared to present a strong approach; we are fair but tough agents that will absolutely work hard for you.  We will communicate with you using terminology you can actually understand and with our educational resources you'll have the opportunity to under what is happening during the entire process.

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